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ModCompShock - Modelling and Computation of Shocks and Interfaces

Applications are invited for PhD student fellowships. ModCompShock is focused on the training of young researchers (ESRs) in the general area of nonlinear hyperbolic and convection dominated PDEs (HCD-PDEs). The research program within this network will be centered in a prominent (in terms of both history and importance) field, that is placed at the very forefront of modern Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Hyperbolic convection dominated PDEs is one of the few areas within Computational and Applied Mathematics, where traditionally modelling, Physics, Mechanics, analytical approaches, and advanced computational methods are linked, and have contributed in synergy to several achievements till date, makes this field eminently suitable to train young researchers in.

Applicants with strong background in any one (or a combination of) Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation, Mathematical Modelling in Applied Sciences will be considered. For enquiries on the application processes contact infomodcompshock_at_gmail.com (replace _at_ by @).

Please note all the ESR and Short Term Early-Stage-Researcher PhD positions are now successfully filled.